Board Members

The Nebraska State Board of Landscape Architects was established by the Legislature to administer the Professional Landscape Architects Act. The Board consists of six members appointed by the Governor. Five are licensed professional landscape architects and one is a public member at large. Each member serves for a five-year term and may be re-appointed by the Governor at his discretion.

Current Members

  • Eric J. Casper, PLA, Lincoln, Chairperson
  • Todd M. Maiellaro, ASLA, PLA, Omaha, Vice-Chairperson
  • David J. Ciaccio, PLA, Omaha, Board Member
  • Gayle M. Malmquist, LaVista, Public Member
  • Jennifer L. Seacrest, ASLA, PLA, Lincoln, Board Member
  • Bradley J. Swerczek, PLA, Omaha, Board Member

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