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Filing a Complaint

The Board is charged with the duty of safeguarding life, health, and property to promote the public welfare. Therefore, the profession of landscape architecture is declared to be subject to regulation in the public interest. The Board has the authority and responsibility to regulate licensed professional landscape architects that they have deemed qualified to practice as professional landscape architects in the state. The Board also has the authority to regulate any individual that may violate the Professional Landscape Architects Act (the Act).

The Board does not have the authority to impose sanctions or take action on matters that do not violate the laws of Nebraska, nor do they have the authority to proceed with matters that are not in the public interest. Civil, contractual and employee/employer matters are to be settle through the proper channels as the Board does not have the authority to enforce these matters.

The board must rely in large measure on reports from the public, the landscape architecture communities and partner agencies to provide factual evidence to help regulate the practice. The Board takes any and all complaints or concerns seriously, but they must fall into the provisions of protecting the health safety and welfare of the public.

Complaints from the public or landscape architects must be submitted on this Complaint Form.

Complaints originating from partner agencies may be submitted by copying our office with the correspondence or using their own agency form. Partner agencies are deemed to be any federal, state, city, county or municipal jurisdiction that may or may not have regulatory authority.

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