Initial Licensure

Once you have completed all sections of the LARE, met the education and experience requirements (CLARB's Standard of Eligibility for Council Certification) and are ready to apply for your initial license in Nebraska, you will need to:

Your request will then be submitted to the Board for their review and approval. Upon approval, a licensing fee will be required before your license is issued. The licensing fee does not include your first renewal fee.


Renewals are required on an annual basis. You are exempt from the Professional Development (PDH) requirement during your first renewal period.

Chapter 6 of Title 231 of the Nebraska Administrative Code defines the requirements for PDH. For more information go to the License Renewal page.

Obtaining a Seal

Licensees may use the company of their choice to obtain an official license seal. For a list of companies who can assist you in obtaining your seal, visit Outside Links.

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