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Complaint Process

  1. Complete the complaint form in its entirety. Anonymous complaints will not be investigated.
  2. Send the complaint form along with all supporting evidence to this office. This must include specific statutes or rules that the evidence shows to be an apparent violation. Describe the problem and what you have done to try and resolve the matter. List facts in order by date and provide as much information as possible. Submit copies of plans, pictures, maps, reports, contracts and any other documents you have related to the complaint. The Board does not investigate complaints solely based on suspicion or speculation.
  3. Once the complaint form and documentation are received by this office, an acknowledgment of receipt will me made within ten days.
  4. A copy of the complaint form will be forwarded to the Respondent, with the Complainant's name and address information removed from the letter. A letter will be included asking for a response to the complaint.
  5. The complaint will be reviewed to determine whether all filing procedures have been followed. At this point, the complaint will be assigned a case number by the Compliance Officer or individual assigned the matter by the Board. This individual DOES NOT represent the Board, the Complainant or the Respondent, but is an impartial, fact finding third party.
  6. Any additional documents that may be useful in the inquiry, if available, will be gathered by the Compliance Officer. The Complainant/Respondent may or may not be contact by the Compliance Officer or party assigned the matter as deemed necessary.
  7. The Compliance Officer makes a determination as to whether the case should move to the informal hearing process as outlined in the Act and the Rules and Regulations or if further review is needed. If further review is needed, the Compliance Officer and the Chairperson of the Board will make the determination on the next steps needed.
  8. The Compliance Officer or designated party will make a written report to the Board once all documentation and evidence has been collected. If the investigation does not show probable cause a violation has occurred, the case will be closed. The report will contain a recommendation to the Board to do one of the following:
    • Close with no violation/insufficient evidence
    • Close with a letter of concern - this action is taken if there is no violation of the laws and rules governing practice, but the Board wants to express its concern to the practitioner surrounding the complaint. A letter of concern is confidential and cannot be divulged.

    If the Board does find probable cause a violation has occurred, further steps will take place and may include a consent agreement, cease and desist order, or a formal hearing as outlined in Chapter 10 of Title 231 of the Nebraska Administrative Code (NAC). After this conclusion, it will be closed by one of the following:
    • Closed, compliance reached
    • Closed without prejudice - the Board has been unable to reach a reasonable re mediation with the parties involved or the complainant has requested this type of closure. The local authorities will be notified of noncompliance. This allows the Board to revisit the matter in the even of additional evidence or future issues without the need for a new complaint filing. This information is public record.
  9. You will be notified of the outcome of the investigation and any action taken by the Board
  10. Statutes 81-8,204 through 81-205 and Chapters 9 and 10 of Title 231 of the NAC enables the Board enforcement the Act and take action accordingly.
  11. All Board meetings are open to public and any party to a complaint action has the option of attending these meetings, but may or may not be afforded time to discuss the complaint with the Board. Active investigations are discussed in Executive Session in order to prevent needless injury to the reputation of those involved.

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