Renewing Your License

License renewals are valid for one calendar year and are due by December 31st. Notices are sent to all Nebraska licensed landscape architects no later than October. If you do not receive a renewal notice or have had a change of address, you should contact the Board office. Licensees licensed during the calendar year are also required to renew their license.

All licensees, except those newly licensed in the current calendar year, are required to complete and submit a log of fifteen (15) hours of professional development hours (PDH) with your renewal payment. The PDH requirements are outlined in Chapter 6 of Title 231 of the Nebraska Administrative Code.

The Board has created a Peer Review Committee which consists of three licensed professional landscape architects to review all PDH submittals for compliance. The committee will submit a final report to the Board with its recommendation for accepting, denying, or requesting further information on individual submittals. The Board will then take action based on the committee recommendations. All submittals are subject to the Board's approval.

Licensees are required to keep copies of all PDH completion logs and supporting documents for two (2) years. However, copies of support documentation are not required and should not be submitted with the renewal payment unless the licensee is selected for further audit. An individual licensee may be asked by the Board to submit additional documentation or hours to support their original log submission.

Renewal Process

  • Mark any changes to the renewal notice.
  • Complete and make any changes to the renewal notice and return it with the renewal fee before December 31st. Your renewal must be received by this date to avoid a late penalty.

Some helpful hints in recording your PDH log:

  • Do not submit hours for courses not relevant to the profession of landscape architecture.
  • If hours are earned at a conference, submit only the hours certified on your certificate or the actual hours attending a lecture (50 minutes of class/lecture = 1 PDH).
  • Acceptable PDH activities include courses from collegiate level institutions, professional level seminars, conferences, study tours and self-paced continuing education programs.
  • Self-study involves reading professional material or utilizing self-guided tours for observation of landscape architectural projects, research projects, ecological or land restoration projects and natural environmental areas. Only four (4) hours may be submitted for self-study activities.
  • Self-paced activities involve participation in a structured training program, administered by a professional organization or educational institution. The programs typically involve individual study of provided materials followed by an examination testing the participant's understanding of the subject matter. Study tours sponsored by professional organizations or educational institutions will be considered as self-paced act ivies and may not involve an exam.
  • When utilizing self-paced activities, the standard conversion is one (1) CEU = ten (10) contact hours or ten (10) PDHs. For courses with CEUs less than one full unit, each 1/10th unit is equal to one contact hour.

Professional Development (PDH) Offerings

For assistance in finding PDH offerings, please visit the PDH Offerings page. The Board does not pre-approve any offerings.

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