The Board protects the life, health, and property of the citizens of Nebraska by ensuring the licensure of individuals who practice the profession of landscape architecture and present themselves as Landscape Architects within the State. The use of the title "Landscape Architect" and the practice of the profession of Landscape Architecture are regulated within the state of Nebraska by state Statue 81-8,184 to 81-8,208, the Professional Landscape Architects Act and Title 231 Nebraska Administrative Code Chapter 1-12, Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Landscape Architects

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Board Seat Vacancy Announcement

The Nebraska State Board of Landscape Architects (the Board) will have a professional board seat vacancy in September of this year. Interested persons may complete an Executive Appointment Application at https://governor.nebraska.gov/board-comm-req. Questions may be directed to the Board office at nsbla.board@nebraska.gov or 402-471-2407. Here is some basic information on the Board:

  • The Board consists of six members, five professional landscape architects and one public member which are appointed by the Governor to five year terms
  • The Board currently meets once a quarter in January, April, July, and October with additional meetings scheduled as needed. The meetings are typically held in Lincoln at the Board office.
  • The Board is currently in the process of revising the Professional Landscape Architects act (a new bill will be introduced in 2017). Upon passage of these revisions, the Board will begin the process of revising the Rules and Regulations.
  • The Board belongs to The Council of Landscape Architects of Registration Boards (CLARB), which is the national organization of licensing boards. They are responsible for developing and administering the LARE exam as well as assist the boards in promoting and defending licensure. They host an annual meeting, usually in September, to which the Board typically sends at least one member and the administrative assistant.

Next Regular Board Meeting: July 26, 2016

Professional Landscape Architects Act update

The revisions to the Professional Landscape Architects Act that were introduced during the 2016 Legislative session as LB788 were not enacted. It is the Board's intent to re-introduce these revisions during the 2017 session. Amendment AM2376 will be incorporated into the new bill.

These changes include, but are not limited to

  • Revision to the intent of the Act to include welfare
  • Revisions to the definitions of the practice of landscape architecture
  • Transition from an annual renewal to a biennial license renewal cycle
  • Revise language to allow for online renewals and applications
  • Add alternative paths for licensure
  • Expand on the seal requirements
  • Add actions and procedures the Board may take on compliance cases
  • Add authorization for the Board to access a penalty and to recover costs on compliance cases
  • Add a Landscape Architect Intern title
  • Add a Coordinating Professional requirement on certain projects

Complete list of changes by section

LB788 as introduced

Amendment AM2376

Written comments are welcomed and encouraged. Any comments received by October 15th will be reviewed at the October 27th Board meeting. Comments may be faxed to 402-471-0787 or emailed to nsbla.board@nebraska.gov.

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