Comity Licensure

Requirements and Application Process

For applicants who are licensed in another jurisdiction and are seeking licensure in Nebraska, you must have a CLARB certified record to qualify for licensure in Nebraska. If you do not have a certified record, you may find more information about certification on CLARB's website. 

To begin the licensure process in Nebraska, you will need to:

  1. Request CLARB to transmit your Council Record to the Nebraska State Board of Landscape Architects; and
  2. Submit an Application for Licensure as a Landscape Architect along with the application fee

Your request will then be submitted to the Board for its review and approval. Upon approval, a licensing fee will be required before your license can be issued. Note: The licensing fee does not include your first renewal fee.

Obtaining a Seal

Licensees may use the company of their choice to obtain an official licensee seal. For your convenience, a list of companies who can assist you in obtaining your seal is available on the Links of Interest page. As an alternative, licensees may use an electronic seal as long as it meets the requirements as set forth in Chapter 5 of Title 231 of the Nebraska Administrative Code.


If you have any questions regarding Comity Licensure, please contact us.

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