Initial Licensure

The requirements for initial licensure as a professional landscape architect in Nebraska are: 

  1. A degree from an LAAB-accredited landscape architecture program, a degree from a LAAC-accredited program, or meeting the CLARB Education Standard of Eligibility for Council Certification.
  2. Passage of the LARE examination;
  3. Three references from professional landscape architects, architects, or professional engineers. At least one of the references should be from a professional landscape architect. In the event a professional landscape architect is not available to make such a reference, the applicant is to submit an explanation for the Board's review as to why the reference is not available.
  4. Have established a CLARB council record with your education, examination, and experience verified; and
  5. Three years of progressive landscape architecture experience after graduation or meeting the CLARB Standard of Eligibility for Council Certification.

LARE Examination 

Applicants who hold an LAAB-accredited landscape architecture degree and wish to have their exam results reported to Nebraska may begin the LARE exam registration and approval process directly through CLARB without further action from the Nebraska board. Candidates who do not hold an LAAB or LAAC-accredited landscape architecture degree must apply to the Board for approval to sit for the exam prior to registering with CLARB.

The requirements and application process to qualify to sit for the LARE in Nebraska without an accredited degree are:

  1. Submit an Application for Examination: Landscape Architects Registration Exam with the appropriate application fee;
  2. Have CLARB transmit your council record directly to the Board; and
  3. Have one of the following education and experience combinations:
  • Non-accredited degree in landscape architecture plus one year of landscape architectural experience;
  • NAAB-accredited architectural degree plus one year of landscape architectural experience;
  • ABET-accredited civil engineering degree plus one year of landscape architectural experience; or
  • Any bachelor's degree plus three years of landscape architectural experience.

Once the above has been received and verified, the Board will review the candidate's request at the next regularly scheduled meeting. The candidate will be notified of the Board's decision. If approved, the candidate may begin the exam registration process through CLARB.

Applying for Licensure

Once you have completed all sections of the LARE, met the education and experience requirements (CLARB's Standard of Eligibility for Council Certification), and are ready to apply for your initial license in Nebraska, you will need to:

  1. Request CLARB to transmit your Council Record to the Nebraska State Board of Landscape Architects; and
  2. Submit an Application for Licensure as a Landscape Architect along with the application fee.

If you meet the CLARB's Standards of Eligibility for Council Certification, your license may be issued administratively on a conditional basis pending formal approval by the Board. All other applications must go to the Board for review and action prior to the license being issued.

  • A licensee may begin practicing upon issuance of a conditional license.
  • A conditional license may be withdrawn by the Board if it determines the applicant does not qualify for licensure for any reason.
    • If this occurs, the conditional license expires at 11:59 pm on the date the licensee is notified of such Board action.

Obtaining a Seal

Licensees may use the company of their choice to obtain an official licensee seal. For your convenience, a list of companies who can assist you in obtaining your seal is available on the Links of Interest page. As an alternative, licensees may use an electronic seal as long as it meets the requirements as set forth in Chapter 4 of Title 231 of the Nebraska Administrative Code.


If you have any questions about the LARE/Initial Licensure requirements, please contact us.

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