CLARB - Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards
DHS - Department of Homeland Security
HSW - Health, Safety, and Welfare
LARE - Landscape Architect Registration Exam
LAAB - Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board
LAAC - Canadian Society of Landscape Architects Accrediation Council
NSBLA - Nebraska State Board of Landscape Architects
PDH - Professional Development Hours
USCIS - US Citizenship and Immigration Services


I am a legal alien as defined by USCIS; why do I need to supply the Board with a copy of my alien documentation?

Neb. Rev. Statute Sections §§ 4-108 through 4-114 requires all applicants for public benefits in Nebraska, including licensure, to show proof they are in the United States legally. The Board uses your documentation to verify your alien status with DHS prior to processing your application.

My USCIS alien documentation is not current; will the Board still process my application?

The Board will not be able to process your application until your alien status can be verified with DHS. If we are unable to verify your status, you will receive notice from the Board that you will need to contact USCIS to update your status.

Does Nebraska Require a CLARB Record for Licensure?

Yes, you must have a CLARB record (Chapter 2.001.02 and Chapter 3.001.02).

How long does the licensing process take?

This will be determined by when your application and CLARB record are received in relation to the next scheduled Board meeting and when the licensing fee is received. All applications must go before the board for final approval which meets quarterly. Licenses are issued within one week from receipt of the licensing fee. To see when the Board will be meeting next, please visit our Board Information page.

Does Nebraska offer Temporary Permits?

No, Nebraska does not offer temporary permits. You must be licensed in order to practice in the state.

If I want to obtain my initial license in Nebraska, do I need to obtain approval from the Nebraska board before beginning the LARE?

If you have a LAAB-accredited landscape architecture degree you do not need Board approval to begin the LARE. You may register directly with CLARB.

If you do not have a LAAB-accredited landscape architecture degree you will need to apply to the Board for approval prior to registering to sit for the exam. Information on this process can be found under the "LARE Exam Information" page. Once you have received approval, you may register for the exam directly through CLARB.

Are organizations/companies required to hold a certificate of authorization from the Board to practice or offer to practice in the State?

No, Nebraska does not require a certificate of authorization for organizations/companies to practice or offer to practice in the state.


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